Our Services

We charge one all-inclusive management fee that covers:

Financial Planning

• Financial Plan Check-up
• Financial Goal Setting and Tracking
• Cash flow and budgeting analysis
Retirement Readiness

Investment Management

• Portfolio Analysis
• Asset allocation design and rebalancing
• Risk tolerance and performance analysis
• Tax-loss optimization strategies
• Monitoring and on-going management

Retirement Planning

• Cash flow analysis and budgeting
• Income optimization
• Re-creating paycheck
• Retirement Plan Check-up
• Company 401(k) review and analysis

Education Planning

• Education and cost analysis
• Education account analysis and planning
• Cost vs Borrowing analysis
• Plan selection and tax optimization
• Investment and tuition payment strategies

Tax Planning

• Investment tax-mitigation strategies
• Investment income tax analysis
• Low basis tax management strategy
• Estate distribution scenario analysis
Roth/IRA conversions

Estate Planning

Estate review and analysis
• Document storage and planning
• Beneficiary reviews
• Charitable Planning
• Estate distribution strategies

Risk Management Services

• Life Insurance analysis
• Medicare analysis
• Healthcare spending accounts
• Business owner liability analysis
• P&C analysis

Advanced Planning for Business Owners

• 401(k) & Co.-sponsored plan fee analysis
• Cash-flow analysis and saving strategies
• Non-Qualified Deferred compensation planning
• Buy-sell agreement and partnership risk analysis
• Retirement plan analysis and selection

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Our Fee-Only Structure

For Investment & Wealth Management Services

Our annual management fee is a fraction of the cost of traditional financial institutions. There are no commissions, no hidden fees and no trailing fees.

Over $10 Million


$3M - $10M


$1M - $3M




For Static Financial Plans

Rather than active wealth management, we create a one-time financial plan to help you achieve your goals. As with ongoing wealth management, there are no commissions, no hidden fees and no trailing fees.

One-Time Financial Plan


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