Ken talking about 2024 Estate Planning
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Why You Need To Update Your Estate Plan Now Before 2025 Ends

2025 marks the end of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Learn why 2024 is crucial for estate planning to avoid hefty taxes on your wealth.
Financial advisor Ken Hargreaves discussing financial scams.
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Keep Your Finances Safe: Protect Yourself From Scams

Discover how to protect yourself from emerging scams and learn to identify the signs of fraudulent activities.
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The Power of Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Explore the transition from pensions to defined benefit plans in retirement planning and considerations for small business owners.
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The Solo 401(K): Is It Right for You?

Is the Solo 401(K) the appropriate investment account for your business?
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Four Key Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Early

Filing taxes early can provide you with faster refunds, more time to pay, reduced identity theft risk, and less stress.
Brain Health in Retirement
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Your Brain Health in Retirement

Client goals are the cornerstone of our planning process. More and more clients have been voicing “brain health” as an important goal of theirs leading into and throughout their retirement years. Watch our video to discover how to keep your brain fit and healthy until and through retirement!

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